Anonymous this is for you ( in a good way)

Posted: May 28, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Anonymous this is for you ( in a good way)

I really agree with a lot of there things they do since none of the stuff they do does not harm anyone…….well thats arguable LOL I do however support them I just hope the anons know that. I have been following anonymous for a few years now atleast since the occupy movement and I can say they have done some crazy things but all in favor of the people of course. I see the biggest thing is corruption on our Gov and shit like that. Making the truth be herd is one of the many things I like about Anonymous. This picture says it all but listen anons if your reading this I mean no harm and since your the only ones that seem to get shit done you just keep doing what your doing. Many people think Anonymous is bad I disagree on that one since there the ones helping the younger generation and not just that they expose the real truth on what the fuck is going on not that MSM bullshit yeah fox news I’m talking about you.

Have a nice day suckas 🙂


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