life is full of bullshit

Posted: May 28, 2013 in Uncategorized
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 Iv seen a lot of shit in my life got arrested back in December 2012 for making threats online. I made a mistake and I relize that. The fact that my apartment was raided at 4am and I was taken into handcufs in my fucking boxers! Shittt they didn’t even give me a chance to put motherfucking pants on! That night I will never forget :”( it was scary as fuck! I thought it was all a dream you know. All because of a mistake I made and I know that what I did was wrong but also I have autism not trying to make a excuse for what I did I’m just saying that does not help my situation. The fact that FL just happens to have the worst mental healthcare in the Unites States does not supprise me one bit when we have a fucking crooked Gov running our state who pockets himself full of money and the fuck with everybody else. Yeah thats right the man who took away millions from the schools here I know for fucking hell I did not vote for that cocksucker so yeahh. I was talking about mental healthcare in FL well you see its not very good infact its downright awful for someone who is trying to get the help they need. 






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