mental health problems in the United States

Posted: May 28, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Ok for those of you who don’t suffer from any kind of mental health problems you still need to listen to this. those people with any type of mental disorder people in this world do not understand them they feel empty,alone,without hope and I feel you all there I have been there many times myself. People in this world are very cruel and not very tolerable I have seen that many times myself having a disability is no joke and its not something that people should be making fun of! There are so many people out there like me who are struggling with some kind of disorder and a lot of them get no support from anybody. I really wish people would have a better understanding of people who suffer from mental disorders and understand the pain they go through daily. Fucking shits not easy not by a long shot. It seems like the only thing doctors know how to do is drug us up with heavy duty medicine that make us like zombies just so big pharma can get there big fat fucking check! Fucking shit makes me sick.

  1. Hey man thanks for the follow on my blog, I hope you find it useful. I love the honesty and realness of your posts, no bullshit here! I know what its like to deal with a mental health “disorder”. I have ADHD, which is on the same spectrum as autism and aspergers, and both my cousin and mother-in-law have schizophrenia… all that being said, I don’t think of what you have as a ‘disorder’ at all… first of all, what “order” are you dis-engaged from? The order of all those cruel violent assholes who run the world and corporations? second of all, the psychiatric discipline is not even a hundred years old, those doctors who label people this and that are pretty much doing so based on their best guesses after trying for watching and describing people for few generations… sometimes they are wrong and sometimes they are right, when they are right they just pat each other on the back, write a bunch of reports and lobby the government for funding, then they get the support of big Pharma. (who need them to be their legal drug pedlars) who also lobby the government and ta-da, the entire field of psychiatry is born. In the big picture, we don’t know shit about the human mind and how it works, I think the things you sense are spot on, I’d even say that your honesty and sensitivity to affect (any meaning that is sensed or transmitted outside of our conscious awareness) is a superpower not a disorder. I don’t know your life situation, and I’m not trying to tell you what to do, but I’ve also had a crazy time in the past few months with my brain acting weird… what I’ve learned is that all the evil and hatred in the world isn’t going to disappear, it’s part of nature, so if you can sense it, its in your own best interest to neutralize it in you head and heart before it overwhelms you, try reading this: it really helped me a lot when i had a manic episode a few months back, the guy who wrote it was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in the 60s by Dr. Martin Luther King… he was in Vietnam while the war was on, this is a man who has seen and been through some serious shit and survived…keep on keepin on brother. be well.

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