Ugandan police make arrests at protest over seizure of newspaper

Posted: May 28, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Full Story Here:

here is what I think. Fuck the ugandan police! with a rusty pipe they have done no good for the people of Uganda. And this just adds fuel to the fire! the men women & children of Uganda deserve better than this! The fact that people here in the United States don’t care does not shock me much. The people of Uganda are fucking sick of being treated like slaves the fact they a lot if not most all of the people in Uganda have no running water,No power,no safe form of food supply, And to top it off they got a Gov there that is corrupt as fuck trying to keep them quiet! The people of Uganda have every right to fight for equal rights as they fucking deserve it. To the people of Uganda you have my full support your not forgotten anymore and don’t stop fighting for what you believe in. People in the United Sates take so much fucking shit for granted its not even funny.


Peace motherfuckers


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