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Now is the time to Legalize Medical Marijuana in Florida lets do this!!!

This is what I have been waiting for! This is what I have been fighting for! I’m not backing down now not this time! Those of you who live in Florida and want a chance to be a part of change sign this. This is our only chance this is our hope. Its time to stop putting innocent people in jail for marijuana and let them be free! I will be going all over Orlando to get signatures My goal is to get over 1,0000 signatures but I need your help to make this happen.


peace is all the world needs................

Bob motherfucking Marley. The most amazing person in the world 🙂 Someone who I admire to the fullest extent. I can tell you one thing there is not one mean bone in his body. And his music will always live on

Peace Bob Marley

Bob Marley :3

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Bob Marley :3

peace & love thats all the world really needs. Everybody needs to just chill the fuck out and smoke a blunt and put on some Bob Marley its that simple really everybody always go to be angry at somebody or hurtfull thowards one another.