This Shooting Isn’t About Gun Control We Refuse To Pass, It’s About Access To Mental Health Care We’re Continuing To Gut

Paul Ryan
As our nation struggles to come to grips with the horrible tragedy in Las Vegas, it’s only natural for people to search for an explanation of how an atrocity like this could have happened and to call on their elected officials to take measures to prevent such terrible bloodshed from occurring again in the future. Unfortunately, however, we’ve seen enough of these incidents to know that some people will rush to blame firearms for this carnage and will demand that Congress enact sweeping gun restrictions, engaging in misguided efforts that completely miss the underlying reasons behind the violence we’re seeing.

The simple truth is, mass shootings like this aren’t about gun control we refuse to pass. They’re about access to mental health care that we will continue to gut.

You can already hear the calls from the left. In the aftermath of this mass murder, millions of people are once again pushing for an assault weapons ban that I won’t allow lawmakers to give even a moment of consideration, let alone bring to a vote. If these folks actually examined the realities of the issue, they would see that the real culprit in these incidents is, and always has been, our country’s inadequate mental healthcare system that leaves troubled, potentially violent individuals without the support they need, and which my colleagues and I have spent most of our careers seeking, often successfully, to defund.

The reason we have tragedies like this is because of how our healthcare system that I am dead set on undermining fails to serve Americans in desperate need of psychological treatment. Not because of a lack of gun ownership regulations, the slightest toughening of which will never even receive a single second of debate on the floor of the House on my watch.

Case in point, I’ve seen commentators cite the GOP bill to loosen restrictions on silencers that is currently making its way through Congress as contributing to an environment where these shootings will continue to occur, an erroneous line of reasoning that completely ignores how our party’s many active attempts to repeal Obamacare would make it significantly harder, if not impossible, for millions of unwell individuals to visit mental health specialists and receive the treatment necessary to keep their erratic behavior in check.

If we as a nation are really serious about preventing future tragedies, we shouldn’t focus on regulating so-called gun sale loopholes and outlawing high-capacity magazines, the very mention of which will elicit an overwhelming and immediate nullifying response should it be breathed on the floor of the House. Instead, we need to pay attention to the fact that many people with treatable mental illnesses struggle to afford medication or therapy, and then work around the clock to ensure that their meager options only dwindle further and become more expensive. That is where we need to be focused as a nation.

If we’re going to get anywhere, we must see this problem for what it truly is: a nationwide mental health crisis that my policies have allowed to metastasize and that I am working continuously to exacerbate. Not some issue of who can and can’t buy guns, all legislation about which I, along with the powerful resources of supportive lobbyists, have suppressed with exceptional efficiency.

Because as easy as it is to blame this unconscionable loss of human life on background check laws designed to maximize the profits of the gun industry at the expense of public safety, the real fault lies with healthcare legislation designed to maximize insurance industry profits at the expense of public safety.

Remember, it’s not guns we’ve deliberately removed all barriers to owning that kill people. It’s people to whom we continually deny basic care that kill people.

Liberal Activists Encourage Citizens To Call Their Late-Night Hosts And Urge Them To Oppose Tax Plan

WASHINGTON—Saying it was time for people to pick up their phones and let themselves be heard, liberal activist Adam Kramer encouraged citizens Friday to call their late-night hosts and urge them to oppose the new GOP tax plan. “Okay, everyone, start dialing and let your talk show hosts know they have an obligation to come out against this new tax proposal,” said Kramer in a Facebook post, providing the phone numbers for Last Week Tonight, Full Frontal, and The Late Show so that progressives could explain why the shows should firmly oppose the proposed plan. “We must band together to put pressure on the entertainers who can effect real change and let them know that we’re looking to them to put a stop to this grotesque redistribution of wealth to the upper class.” At press time, the activists were optimistic but said it wasn’t over until all the monologues were tallied.

One man is selling that last Kozy Shack Pudding Cup for $1MM


800 (1)

WASHINGTON—Shocked by the reckless act of child endangerment, a crowd outside the White House stared in horror as an unhinged Donald Trump on Wednesday reportedly dangled a baby from the Truman Balcony. According to witnesses, the president emerged from the double swing doors holding a 9-month-old infant, causing the already excited crowd to cheer even louder—enthusiasm that turned to gasps, however, when Trump proceeded to lift the squirming, kicking child over the metal railing and dangle it over the two-story terrace, using just one arm to secure it. Barely able to continue holding onto the baby, witnesses said the commander in chief yanked it back over, then returned inside and closed the door. At press time, a devastated Trump had apologized, saying he was only trying to connect with his constituents, and had reportedly locked himself away as a recluse at Mar-a-Lago.

Donald Trumps fuck ups

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U.S. President Donald J. Trump stops to deliver remarks to the news media as he walks to board Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, DC, USA, 07 October 2017.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson reportedly called President Donald Trump a “moron” — but Trump thinks that, actually, he’s smarter than Tillerson.

In a long, rambling interview the President gave to Fortune magazine — which touched on the president’s legislative successes and the economy as well as a new bill to punish corporations that choose to do business abroad — Trump addressed his running spat with Tillerson. The Secretary of State has reportedly considered resigning and called Trump a “moron” in front of senior White House officials, sources told  NBC News last week.

“I think it’s fake news,” Trump said. “But if he did that, I guess we’ll have to compare IQ tests. And I can tell you who is going to win.”

After the NBC story was published, Trump denied the claims.

NBC news is  and more dishonest than even CNN. They are a disgrace to good reporting. No wonder their news ratings are way down!

And so did Tillerson. In a press conference the day the story was published, he restated his “commitment” to the White House and characterized NBC News’ story as “petty nonsense.” Tillerson’s spokesperson also denied he called Trump a moron. “The secretary does not use that type of language,” she said.

Trump and Tillerson are scheduled to have lunch on Tuesday at the White House with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

— Alex Lubben

DAY 264 Oct. 10-Donald Trump

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Trump averages more than 5 lies a day, report says

Since taking office, Trump has lied to or mislead the country more than five times a day on average, according to the latest tally from a Washington Post project. He’s now up to 1,318 falsities.

Some truth-stretching highlights from just the last four days:

Claiming Puerto Rico had winds over 200 mph during Hurricane Maria, when sustained winds actually topped out at 155mph, according to the National Hurricane Center.
Saying he was opposed to invading Iraq, even though he previously supported the decision.
Arguing, as he often does, the United States is the most taxed nation in the world, even though it usually clocks in between 31st and 17th when compared to other OECD nations.
Promising his tax plan will be the largest tax cut ever, even though there’s nothing in it to suggest that’s true, according to the Post’s analysis
And if Trump disagrees with all this, as he surely will, he will probably label it as “fake news,” a term he claimed invented. That, of course, is also not true.

— Josh Marcus


Donald trumps Fuck-ups

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Trump is wrong about Goodell’s stance on national anthem, NFL says

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell v. President Donald Trump.
(AP Photo/File)
The NFL wants President Trump to keep reading after the first sentence.

Trump tweeted on Wednesday that the Roger Goodell, commissioner of the NFL, was “finally demanding” players stand for the national anthem, but according to the league, that’s wrong.

Donald J. Trump ✔@realDonaldTrump
It is about time that Roger Goodell of the NFL is finally demanding that all players STAND for our great National Anthem-RESPECT OUR COUNTRY
6:47 AM – Oct 11, 2017
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“Commentary this morning about the Commissioner’s position on the Anthem is not accurate,” the NFL told ESPN.

Goodell sent a memo to all 32 teams on Tuesday, ESPN reported, urging players to stand for the anthem, but also recognizing their motivations for not doing so.

“Like many of our fans, we believe that everyone should stand for the National Anthem,” the statement reads. “We also care deeply about our players and respect their opinions and concerns about critical social issues. The controversy over the Anthem is a barrier to having honest conversations and making real progress on the underlying issues.”

NFL owners will meet to discuss the ongoing anthem controversy next week, which reignited Sunday after Vice President Mike Pence walked out of an Indiana Colts game in pre-planned political stunt.

— Josh Marcus

Anthens Protests NFL


On Saturday, November 5th, the Pennsylvania capital of Harrisberg had about 50 neo-Nazis from the National Socialist Movement descend on it for a planned rally.  This bi-annual “Rally Against Diversity” was one of the ways that the NSM attempts to show their presence in the state.  As expected, the 50 Nazis had their Confederate flags overwhelmed by over 200 anti-fascist counter protesters.

Screen Shot 2016-11-05 at 6.57.42 PM.png

In opposition to the NSM action another “Speak Up for Unity” rally was held from 2 to 4 p.m. at Harrisburg High School Auditorium.  This brought hundreds out, yet away from direct confrontation with the NSM.  The police had well prepared for counter protesters as they defended the Nazis with barricades, bringing in extra officers to ensure that no violent confrontations occurred.  It was clear that there was a strong sense that the police had protected the Nazis while refusing to side with the anti-racist community members present.

Despite the police presence their were brief scuffles between Nazis and anti-fascist protesters, who were overwhelming the racist contingent.  So far there are no reports about if there were any injuries, to Nazis or to anti-fascist counter protesters.

A number of organizations had committed to joining the anti-fascist contingent, including the Black Rose / Rosa Negra Anarchist Federation and various Antifa organizations.

Run the Nazis Out of HBG from Auntie Fa on Vimeo.

Photos from Diane Sandberg, Photojournalist

Voice and the Voiceless: What Does “No Platform” Mean in the Donald Trump Saturated Media?


The media loves a good scandal.  Hell, we do too.

Over the months, as the Donald Trump campaign has shifted from bumbling loudspeaker-style racist quips to copy-and-paste fascist political programs, the media response has moved from mockery, to horror, and, finally, to click-bait.  Trump’s campaign has rode this wave, which was a “shock/response” model, and the left-leaning media outlets that use a social media business model have been central to its ability to spread through the culture.  The “outrage machine” has been very real in that, from identifying a room full of Jewish Republicans as “deal makers” to banning and registering Muslims, his politics have only made their way up the ladder of offense and guttural bigotry.  The echo chamber, which has led his message and created the offense-racket that has made him popular with reactionary sectors of middle America, has been driven by this, and it has given his voice the kind of reach that he simply couldn’t have achieved with his own appearances and the standard political news machine.

Trump himself has created an entire media model of exploiting the disbelief in leftist coverage, but he has also been the gate-keeper to mainstreaming an entire narrative that has been developed over the last five years in the annals of web forums and news sites.  The Alternative Right, Neoreaction, Dark Enlightenment, and all the other variants of internet-focused and pseudo-academic neo-fascism has been developing a new language for speaking and “critiquing” society that breaks from the two sided coin of neo-Nazis and the Klan.  Now they return to race and IQ talking points, critiques of contemporary democracy, attacks on the idea of equality, rejection of modernity, and a range of other simple ideas repackaged in the aesthetics of Continental Philosophy.  Backed by the ideas of European New Right intellectuals, much of this resurrects previously fringe ideologues like Julius Evola or the Conservative Revolution, looking to build a strictly hierarchical society and the idea of ethnically defined societies.  This is not the posturing that Donald Trump has gained his popularity on, but it is much of the long-term vision that his seemingly casual comments have as their end game.  Just as there are “dog whistle” words that use economic rhetoric to signal racial tensions, neo-fascist supporters hope that his reactionary remarks are a “dog whistle” to an open fascist political program.

What the “Donald Trump phenomenon” has done, even more than just Trump himself, is to open the door to the voices of this reactionary movement in that they have a direct lineage between the two.  Buzzfeed began publicizing the use of “alt right” as a hashtag on Twitter, which has been used for years up to this point, giving extended interviews to people like Richard Spencer, RamZPaul, and Jared Taylor.  Rosie Gray, the Buzzfeed reporter who did the article on white nationalism and the Trump campaign, got pulled into an even more difficult situation when RamZPaul gave one condition to doing the interview: that he could film and broadcast it.  What resulted is another one of Paul’s well-known videos, this time where he talks to an understandably timid Gray over an iPhone speaker.  While Paul’s rhetoric in the video is confusing and rambling, it still gave him the perfect opportunity to actually draw some of the Buzzfeed crowd to an unedited piece of his own racial nationalist script.


Richard Spencer got extended time in Vice’s recent “We Asked a White Supremacist What He Thinks About Donald Trump,” which followed a similarly vapid premise as their “We Asked a Fascism Expert About Trump.”  Here, again, Spencer’s ideas were given an open platform, not because he is an expert on the Trump campaign, but simply because his politics have now become a relevant part of the discourse.  Spencer was additionally interviewed in the New York Times for an article that placed him alongside David Duke and Stormfront founder Don Black, which angered him enough to do a response on the Radix Journal website going through the references to him point by point and discussing how he was misrepresented.  This shows a particular character of these internet-focused racialists, who exist in word vomit where they constantly have to ramble at length and can never give up the last word.

These articles are small snippets of dozens of articles in recent months that have shown that white nationalists from David Duke to the Traditionalist Youth Network’s Matthew Heimbach.  When interviewed, all parties are allowed a platform to explain very clearly their key points, why we should support trump, and what kind of vision they hold.

The problematic nature of this coverage often comes directly from its intention to reveal something very real about the Trump phenomenon and its growing far-right affiliations.  What these articles are intending to show is that Trump is, first, associated with these types of characters and, by association, tarnish his name.  But this does not end up being a straight line since, as much of the neo-fascist rebranding has done purposefully, the alt right bloggers are often prepared to muddy the discussion so as to avoid conventional critiques of white supremacist politics.  Reports in places like Gawker and Alternet are then not prepared to counter them, instead simply offering them an open platform that they could never have dreamed of on their own sites.  The intended effect, for these people to hang themselves on their own words, is often ineffective.

The issue that liberal anti-racist activists often clash with radical anti-fascists over is free speech.  The liberal notion of free speech is to defend even the most vile and erroneous forms, which, in essence, the protections are there for.  Antifa organizers then have to propose a counter view, which is not to actually argue for state intervention to criminalize certain forms of speech, but instead to mobilize direct action to stop it cold.  The distinction here is based around the use of the state and whether or not empowering its infrastructure will have a long-term positive effect.  When the organs of political power shift they could very easily use the same rhetoric and repression used in hate speech laws against us on the radical left, and it is also less than appropriate to further empower a state that is designed to maintain capital and ruling class interests.  The “no platform” concept in Antifa organizing is to show the community’s resistance to all the methods by which fascist organizing attempts to gain a foothold.  The direct result of every racialist project is violence, inequality, and authoritarianism, either politically or socially, and therefore stopping it at the root is critical.  People are free to have any ideas they want, but we are also free to mobilize to stop violence and oppression from becoming an unstoppable wave in our community.

It is difficult, then, to figure out exactly what “no platform” will always mean.  An example of this difficulty is with someone like American Renaissance’s Jared Taylor.  Taylor has made a name for himself arguing points on the fringes of acceptable discourse, such as concepts like racial difference in IQ, racial disparity in crime, and the “inherent” problems and conflicts in multicultural diversity.  Taylor then uses any oppottunity, whether it is being brought by controversial student groups to campuses or going on liberal talk shows that use him as an oddity, to pitch his well choreographed lines.  His discourse is not meant to outline a clear point, it is to inspire doubt in the listeners.  People are generally not up on all the ways that race and IQ correlations have been disproven, or the very well documented explanations for racial disparity in the judicial system.  Taylor then uses this as a break through opportunity to then shift a small segment of the viewers into their whole world of “research,” explanations, and narratives.

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Orange County deputies surrounded an apartment complex in Lockhart Wednesday after receiving a report of gunshots in the area.

The shooting happened in the area of Forrest City and Riverside Park roads just before 5 p.m.

Investigators have not released any information on any injuries in connection with the shooting.

No other information was immediately released.

This story will be updated as more details become available.DL47Uo-UQAAty5_